Section I: Player Agreement

1.a) All Players and Teams who sign up or register for any tournament agree to all of the rules listed below without reserve or question.

1.b) Administration reserves the right to make decisions based on common sense in some situations, even if these decisions contradict certain rules.

Section II: Cheating/Violations

2.a) Anything giving one player an unfair advantage not supported by regular play may be considered cheating and is therefore a violation of the event policy. Administration reserves the right to carry out punishment as the administration sees fit.

2.b) This includes but is not limited to aim bots, map hacking, voip ghosting, stream ghosting, or any third party program that puts a player at a distinct advantage over the opponent.

Section III: Registration Requirements

3.a) Administration reserves the right to prevent anyone from playing in present or future events

3.b) Signing-Up and/or participating with multiple QuakeLive ID’s or sharing QuakeLive accounts is grounds for disqualification.

3.c) A registrants QuakeLive account must have accumulated at least three(3) days of playtime. Players must have three-hundred(300) duels if playing in a Duel Cup. Players should have at least one-hundred(100) matches of whichever team mode they are registering for. Players with accounts not meeting these requirements should get in touch with administration before registering for any event.

Section IV: Connection Issues/Disconnects

4.a) If a player disconnects and the match has been live for less than 30 seconds it may be reset once, if the player disconnects again an admin should be notified as soon as possible to help resolve the issue. If both players agree to continue playing without notifying administration we may be unable to help should the disconnects affect the outcome of the game. You have been warned!

4.b) If a player disconnects after one (1) minute into the match and the players agree to restart the match they may do so. In the event of a disagreement or uncertainty between players then administration will review the players demos and determine if the match will be restarted or not. A match that falls into this category is considered to be “too close to call” and the match will be restarted, its time limit set to the amount of minutes left, and the players will begin.

Section V: Deciding Server Location

5.a) Players(or teams) come to an agreement on their own about which server to play on, no matter how high the ping is as a result. If no agreement can be reached see section 5.b

5.b) The Server with the smallest ping difference between players is used if both players have a ping below 65. If pings are both higher than 65 please reference section 5.c

5.c) First Both players present their pings on servers from the PSL-List, or preferred server locations.
Scenario 1: Player1 has a ping below 65 on at least one of the servers from the list and PlayerX doesn’t have a reasonable ping to any of them. In this case PlayerX picks a server from the PSL-servers where Player1 has a ping below 65.
Scenario 2: Player2 pings 40, 50 and 75 on tx, chi and va respectively. PlayerZ has more than 65 ping to all of these servers. In this case PlayerZ decides whether to play on tx or chi.

5.d) Each of the players have a ping lower than 65 to servers from the PSL-list but not the same server. They will play on a server where (a) one player has a ping below 65 AND (b) the difference of ping is smallest

5.e) If the situation is similar to Section 5.d but the ping difference is exactly the same the players will alternate servers. Players must play their MAP PICKS on their OPPONENTS SERVER. In a best of one server is decided by cointoss. The same goes for tie breaker maps in a Bo3, Bo5, or Bo7 series (if needed)

5.f) If both players have a ping above 65 on all of the servers from the PSL-list they will play on the server with the smallest ping difference

Section VI: Map Selection Process

6.a) Upper Bracket games are Best of Three sets: PICK PICK, drop drop, drop drop, tie-breaker

6.b) Lower Bracket games are Best of One sets: drop drop, drop drop, drop drop, play last

6.c) Type “cv cointoss” followed by “heads” or “tails” into the console to see who picks/drops first. The winner of the coin toss may pass the first map drop/pick to their opponent or take it for themselves.

6.d) In a “Drop-Drop” tournament the players drop maps until there are 1, 3, or 5 maps left depending on the kind of match (best of 1, 3, and 5) they are playing. Best of one drops until 1 map left, best of three until 3 maps left, and so on. If playing anything except a best of One players now pick maps until one map remains as the tie breaker.

6.e) In a “Pick-Pick” tournament the players each pick a map from the pool, and then drop maps until one remains. The map that remains will server as a tie breaker. Best of One sets still decide maps by dropping until there is a single map left to play.

Section VII: Server Setups

7.a) Dueling

{"maps":["bloodrun"],"cvars":{"g_gametype":1,"premium":0,"sv_hostname":"Silent Gamers Duel","g_password":"duel","g_complaintLimit":0,"g_timeoutLen":60}}

7.b) CTF - 4v4

{"maps":["courtyard"],"cvars":{"g_gametype":5,"g_complaintLimit":0,"g_password":"ctf","g_timeoutLen":60,"ruleset":1,"sv_hostname":"Silent Gamers CTF","premium":0,"disable_weapon_hmg":1,"disable_ammo_hmg":1"timelimit":20,"g_startingAmmo_mg":100,"g_timeoutCount":4,"g_teamForceBalance":0,"sv_warmupReadyPercentage":1,"g_allowKill":0,"timelimit":20,"web_location":6}

7.c) TDM - 4v4

{"maps":["limbus"],"cvars":{"g_gametype":3,"mercylimit":50,"g_complaintLimit":0,"g_password":"tdm","g_timeoutLen":60,"g_startingAmmo_mg":100,"sv_warmupReadyPercentage":1,"g_timeoutCount":5,"sv_hostname":"Silent Gamers TDM","premium":0,"timelimit":20,"teamsize":4,"g_teamForceBalance":0,"ruleset":1,"g_friendlyFire":1,"fraglimit":0,"g_dropPowerups":0,"g_damage_mg":4,"g_weaponRespawn":30,"web_location":"6"}}

7.d) Before using any of these templates please ensure that you have clickd RESET TO DEFAULT before you import the settings. You should get into a habit of doing this every time you import a server configuration. Otherwise things like match length, max players, mercy limits etc can be missing or incorrect. 

7.e) All of these templates have a password set to whatever game type the are for in lowercase. Duel password is duel, TDM password is tdm, and CTF password is ctf.